Addis Ababa Bans Motorbikes To Curb Crime

It is very likely that you are wondering why criminal lawyers defend criminals particularly those that have committed violent crimes. The role of the criminal lawyer in Brampton is to ensure that persons who are accused of crime receive due process of law. Their profession may seem unpopular but they have to safeguard civil liberties in a democracy.

Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia enforced a ban on motorbikes to curb crimes. Most criminals who rob people ride motorbikes. According to the city mayor, businesses are exempt; however, delivery companies complain that they have been affected by the ban because their bikes were seized by authorities.

More than a week ago prior to the announcement of the motorbike ban, food delivery company, Deliver Addis informed its customers that they are suspending delivery services because authorities have seized their motorbikes. Another food delivery service, ZMall that delivers food to Pizza Hut announced that they will no longer take orders because of the ban.

Motorbikes are common in Addis Ababa and many African cities to avoid traffic jams. To end violent robberies and attacks, motorbikes were also banned in some places across Africa. Nine years ago, Nigeria which is Africa’s most populous country outlawed motorbikes.

According to BBC’s NdukaOrjinmo, in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, commercial motorcycles are not allowed to enter city centres because they are considered as a means to quickly escape for thieves. In the northern city of Maiduguri, motorbikes were banned since 2011 to prevent drive-by attacks by the radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram.

The bans have become a burden to commuters because only motorbikes can avoid heavy traffic. Lagos partially relaxed the ban by allowing ride-sharing motorcycles to operate but under strict regulations. Other countries are planning to ban motorcycles on the streets not because of crime but to curb pollution.

While works of fiction usually provide criminal lawyer in Brampton with a heroic role in the preservation of human rights, there are still functions that seem unpopular. When they are the key participants in a prominent criminal trial, the public often question their morality. Public perception is often affected by the outcomes of the trial.

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