Advantages Of Using Stone Wall Tiles

Stone is the most ancient construction material used from ages. Stone tiles offer an authentic quality and enhanced visual appeal to the house. With the increased popularity of sustainable and close to nature homes, more and more designers are preferring to use stone tiles in innovative ways.

Using natural materials like stone feature wall tiles in indoor and outdoor design helps to add depth to the space and offers it a unique and authentic look. Natural stone tiles offer unique variation to the wall as each of the stone has its own design and formation. This helps to connect the interiors and exteriors of the building to the surrounding architecture.

Different natural stones like granite, marble, slate etc. are used for stone feature wall tiles, depending on the overall theme of the home. These wall tiles can be used both in the exterior settings like landscaped gardens and pool areas and interior settings for highlighting certain areas in the house. Whichever way they are used, natural stone wall tiles lend a very close to nature and rustic look to the home.

Some of the advantages of using stone feature wall tiles are

  • Stone tiles are heat resistant. They provide insulation to the building. Using natural stone wall tiles helps buildings to reduce energy consumption because these tiles prevent heat loss and heat gain.
  • Natural stone tiles are durable and can last longer when compared to other materials. They are easy to maintain and do not fade when exposed to the sunlight.
  • Using stone feature wall tiles provide sound insulation to the building. They act as a natural barrier between the exteriors and interiors and block unwanted noises.
  • Natural stone wall tiles are weather resistant. They are easy to maintain and clean in all weather conditions and also protects the walls from moisture and dust.

However, homeowners and designers should choose the right type of stone feature wall tiles that match with the overall theme of the home and the surrounding landscape. The right type of stone helps to enhance the positive features of the home and also protects the walls from moisture and dust. The stone wall tiles are easy to maintain and also make home energy efficient.

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