Air Base In Yemen Taken Over By Houthi Rebels

One of the air bases belonging to the forces of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi was recently captured by Houthi rebels. The air base was said to be one of the President’s strong weapon in his advancement toward acquiring Aden fully.

After heavy fighting in which the rebels were sided with the units from the allied army, the al-Anad air base was seized last Wednesday, according to local.

The air base was located 60 km in the north from Aden. Reports circulated that hours after the take down, Mr Hadi left his palace and went to a location undisclosed to the public.

Aides working for the president denied anything about the President leaving the country.

According to officials and some eye witnesses, unidentified warplanes were sent to the palace in Aden and attacked it – the third in a series of attack this week.

Last month it was noted that Mr Hadi also left Sanaa and went to the city.

It was January when the rebels were able to take the capital and was given full control. The president was then placed in a house arrest and announced that the country will now be ruled by a presidential council.

Al-Masirah, a TV channel in Houthis, reported that the country’s largest airbase was already secured by the rebel fighters.

Supported of Mr Hadi were not able to give any comment on the seizure of al-Anad but the new takeover was confirmed by the locals. The seizure was spearheaded by the Houthis along with the supporters of, President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former President of Yemen.

After the takeover, Houthi forces moves within Aden and conquered around 40 km of it. Following these, someone from the presidential guard slipped that Mr Hadi just left the country riding in a helicopter which departed from the presidential palace.

The report was denied by senior aides working for Mr Hadi and clarified that the president was relocated somewhere within Aden and is not planning to leave the country.

A spokesman from the Houthi also expressed their intention of staying in Aden for just a few hours then leave since they have no intention of occupying the south.

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