Amazon Australia Entering Groceries

Amazon Australia has been expanding rapidly, hiring people across the country, from interstate couriers in Melbourne to support in Sydney, and now, it’s making its move into groceries, taking a shot at the down under’s giants, Coles and Woolsworth.

The e-commerce titan’s entry in the Aussie market in December wasn’t exactly the best, with many in the country left underwhelmed by the company’s first steps in the AU, but their so-called ‘land and expand’ strategy has slowly been taking shape in the country.

Early in October, the company announced its latest development; offering food, beverages and other groceries on its Aussie online store. The store sells coffee, tea, tinned goods, alongside specialty, health and organic foods.

The products are now available under the site’s new category; Pantry Food and Drinks. The 27th category on the e-commerce giant’s Australian site allows users to buy familiar products like Arnott’s biscuits, Milo, T2 tears, Uncle Toby’s cereals, as well as international products like Oreo and M&Ms.

These new products appeared alongside old, familiar categories like Pet Supplies, Travel Automotive and Jewellery, which the Australian arm of Amazon launched earlier in August 2018.

In a statement from the company, released via its Country Manager Rocco Braeuniger, Amazon says that they are delighted to add to the more than 80 million products already available in their site with the launch of Pantry Food and Drinks, which they believe will bring greater convenience to its customers, underscored by everyday good value, and fast delivery from interstate couriers in Melbourne and across the country.

Braeuniger was quiet on the possibility of Amazon Fresh, but stated that the company is focused on growing their selection and services for their Aussie customers. Amazon Fresh has already seen success in other countries that Amazon operates in.

The company adds that it is looking to capitalize and cater to the growing health food popularity in Australia, as well as support local health food entrepreneurs.

Amazon started selling their fresh food and produce products to their Aussie customers following their work on their refrigerated supply chain.

Director Luke Hopkins, of the Sydney-based Protein Bread Co., welcomed Amazon’s food category.


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