Are There Cars That Are Cheaper To Insure?

Car insurance can be a burden to most motorists that is why they make the effort to choose the cheapest cars to insure. There is no getting away from car insurance because it is mandatory in most states and jurisdictions. However, are there cars that are cheaper to insure? There are several factors that help determine the amount of premiums but it won’t hurt to shop around for new cars that have reasonable insurance premiums.

One of the cheapest cars to insure is the entry level Volkswagen that measures about 11.5 feet long. It is roughly the same size as a Fiat 500 but Auto Express thinks that it is more spacious. However, do not assume that the small sized Volkswagen is cheap; its premium quality and solid driving characteristics make it an expensive car but due to its 1.0 liter 59bhp entry level it is listed under insurance group one.

A Corsa is a slightly larger car than the Volkswagen but being in the B segment, it is a little bit more costly to insure. Entry level Sting and Life models are listed under insurance group two. The Corsa is an ideal choice for those looking for a slightly bigger car at lower costs particularly since its recent facelift has given it an added appeal. It is still behind other models in most things and feels overwhelming average in most regards.

In Britain, one of the cheapest cars to insure at group two insurance is the Sandero. At entry level, it looks like a bare machine but it can be upgraded to respectable degree without costing too much in the process. It has been the subject of jokes from Top Gear but nonetheless, it is cheap to insure if compared to other car models.

Undoubtedly, a Ferrari 488 Spider is not cheap to insure and neither is it cheap to own. However, who cares about the amount of premiums when you can drive a powerful and remarkable car? The Ferrari 488 Spider is a very powerful car with the new twin turbo V8, whopping 661 HP at 8,000 rpm that can sprint from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds.

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