Australia Having An Issue With “Expensive Sneaker Disease”

Many a podiatrist in Western Sydney and others in, or involved in podiatry have issued warnings that people are jeopardizing their well-being by putting on the wrong kind of shoes, and that they need to account for what they actually need; to see if their shoes can handle the stuff they’ll be using it for.

It’s a strange inversion of the past, where people wear sneakers as part of a fashion statement, when people would just wear athletic footwear strictly for aesthetics, with manufacturers just making sneakers strictly as fashion pieces, while people mistake them for actual sneakers that can handle sports and physical activities.

The result is that people are having to turn to their podiatrist in Western Sydney or wherever they are, due to bringing non-gym shoes to the gym. Women in particular are hit by this issue pretty hard, thanks to being historically underserved by athletic footwear manufacturers, and, therefore, lack the options that men might have.

Lewis Citroen, a Melbourne podiatrist, explained. Casually using running shoes are fine, but the trend is that people are using casual shoes for physical activity, which is a health hazard, one that many podiatrists in Australia are having to deal with.

As for Citroen himself, he reports that the most common issues he deals with are:

  • Sneakers with a low pitch, which increases the stress that the Achilles and the calf deals with;
  • Sneakers of the wrong width, which then leads to corns, calluses, and bunions, and;
  • Unstable footwear, which can then be aggravated by any activity that requires sudden changes in direction.

He says that it’s important that Aussies get shoes that can handle physically demanding activities, more for the gym than the cafe.

The Athlete’s Foot Australia General Manager Steve Cohen says exercise and fitness trends  have forced some sports retailers to source footwear that’s on trend, with proper athletic sneakers having to compromise features to meet trends, which is problematic.

He says that the retro shoes that are currently en vogue are built with the tech prevalent at the time period, but technology and podiatry has developed since that time, and it’s what’s inside the footwear that really matters.

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