Australia Seeing Video Start-Up Boom

People treasure the special days in their lives. From wedding caterers in Sydney to funeral directors in Melbourne, many businesses are aware of this fact.

Many start-ups across the country are embracing this fact, with many small businesses that capture weddings, births, christenings and even all the way to funerals, experiencing a boom. According to them, this is because Aussie families are becoming more and more spread across the globe, and people expect keepsakes of some of the most intimate moments of their lives.

The professional photography service space in Australia sits at a comfortable $1 billion of market value, according to market research firm Ibisworld, while the video post-production market sits at $531 million.

On top of the costs of wedding caterers in Sydney and Melbourne, getting a wedding video package in these cities can range from $2,000 to $10,000, with options for the video crew to be on site for up to 16 hours. Common options are same-day video turnaround, and specialised drone footage, with coop with still photographers, which tack on additional hundreds in costs.

One video business owner, Marcus Theodor says that, with a competitive market, and the difficulty of making video packages look better than the competition, discretion and customer service are becoming increasingly valuable, which isn’t the easiest thing to do during the events themselves.

Other event videographers have noted they’ve also found themselves filming other ceremonies, besides weddings.

One such videographer is Belinda Jane, owner of Melbourne video production company, Belinda Jane Video. Most of her recent bookings, handled with the help of six staff, include funerals and women’s AFL games. With regards to funerals, her company also provides content of services straight to people’s devices, letting them view the service directly from their mobile devices or their computers

Funeral Cast co-founder, Scott Gorman, says that demand for streaming such events come from all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. He says that sometimes, people just can’t come to their loved one’s funeral, or they’re stuck on the other side of the world. To them, he says, seeing the stream provides them much needed closure.

Gorman, however, noted that, as these services become more and more commonplace, the pressure is on. He explains that businesses can’t afford to make mistakes, as there’s a big impact to the brand if the audience isn’t satisfied; if something goes wrong, people expect something to fall back on.

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