Bangkok, Among Many Other Cities, Most Searched Travel Spot By Indians

Thailand has come a long way from housing the best Indian restaurant in Bangkok to becoming one of the best travel spots in the world. Back in 2013, Bangkok has proven the power of its tourism when it had overthrown London from being the most traveled tourist city in the world. It can be said that tourism is playing a great role in keeping that country strong.

Just recently, studies have shown that Bangkok is among those that Indians continuously search for as travel destinations. Currently, London tops the list of the all time favorite tourist destinations of Indians alongside New York and Dubai, but it can also be said that cities like Abu Dhabi, Paris, along with Toronto and Bangkok are also quickly becoming hotspots for Indian travelers.

Studies have shown that the number of Indian outbound travels is increasing at about 65 percent every year especially during the summer holidays. The data has also shown that Indians are becoming more and more experimental when it comes to choosing their travel destinations.

London is the all time Indian favorite. The reason for this is that there are a wide number of attractions in London that would definitely pique the interests of would-be travelers such as the Big Ben, the London Eye, as well as the rich history that the city has to offer including some interesting Roman ruins.
The average stay of Indians in London is about 22 days.

Bangkok has received a 119 percent year on year increase in searches made by Indians. It comes as no surprise as Bangkok has a rich culture as evidenced by the number of ancient historical sites that are marvelously preserved along with cheap shopping, exquisite Thai food, an exciting night life, and beautiful beaches.

Add in also the fact that the city also offers a visa-less travel, Bangkok is definitely the city to visit and the Indians know this. Almost every corner of the city has attractions that tourists can enjoy and the shared Hindu heritage and culture is enough reason for the Indians to visit the City of Angels.

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