Bangkok: Top Food City In The World

While Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, no one can deny that it also deserves the title land of the full in stomach because of the variety of food and establishments such as Sukhumvit restaurant. Thailand holds many food secrets from restaurants, street food stalls and shop houses.

One that many places people are raving about is a place that serves nothing but curry pastes. It is a family-owned business and has been operational for over 50 years. The pastes are known to home cooks as well as popular restaurants in the country. Each day, they are dedicated in creating fresh pastes out of herbs and spices they manually pound using mortar and pestle. By eight in the morning, they have already displayed a variety of curry paste with different textures and colours. Before noon, everything is already out of the store and bought.

One who has never understood the food culture in Thailand will never be able to fathom how fresh curry paste can make a difference in one’s cooking. Small shop houses such as these might look nothing more because of the exposed walls and the decorative posters starting to peel away.

According to the founder of Migrationology, which is a Thai food blog, Mark Wiens, dishes in Thailand are amazing because they are not only hot and spicy but embody sweetness and other flavours at the same time.

The pantry in local Thai households can be very divers and it is evident that cooking in Thailand is different from province to province but everything can be witnessed at the capital of the country. The regional cuisines have been touched with influences from various countries such as Malaysia, China and India. In the northern part of Thailand, one will be able to experience the best broth dish with herbs known as khaosoi which is curry soup rich in flavour along with a salad made of larb meat.

These traditional recipes are the same ones used by chefs in Bangkok as well as those in Sukhumvit restaurant. While many restaurants have tried to mimic what traditional shop houses offer, very few have succeeded in such endeavour.

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