Bangkok’s Most Extraordinary Bars

In Bangkok, Thailand, The Bookshop bar challenges the laws of gravity because of its upside down bookcases and floating books.

On another side of town, the Tawandang German Microbrewery is inside a huge beer barrel.

In the Groove wing of Central World, the Tales of Gold Mine imitates an old century gold mine in the United States’ wild west.

Naturally, the design concepts do not require to be over the top for them to be beautiful.

Brian Spencer for CNN compiled some of Bangkok’s most aesthetically satisfying bars.

A R. Sutton & Co Engineers Siam

Ashley Sutton did change Thailand’s bar world greatly after he arrived in the capital during the late 00s.

It began with Iron Fairies, his ironworks/cocktail lounge, where it sparked a huge wave of imitators. He continued with The Bookshop, Mr. Jones’ Orphanage, and so much more.

His recent endeavour slash own bar is the A R. Sutton & Co Engineers Siam. The place features controlled eccentricity due to its well positioned coiled lighting, vintage furnishings and brass fittings.

The place is also a gin distillery and Sutton’s office.

The House on Sathorn

Following a renovation of three years, the colonial mansion, aged 126 years old, located in Sathorn Road already reopened as Bangkok’s new eating and drinking destination.

It was a former Russian embassy and is now a part of the W Bangkok located next door.

The interiors has inspiration from the Thai and Russian royal glamour.

A lot of the original features, such as the façade’s colour scheme and house interior, have been preserved.

Namsaah Bottling Trust

The Namsaah Bottling Trust was a bottling office and this 20th century villa is already a colourful bar and restaurant. It has white shutters against a pink façade.

Aside from the place being a bottling office before, it was also a residence for a royal adviser and a headquarters for a bank. Now, it has Oriental ornamentation, regional fabrics and antique furnishings.


There are many other beautiful bars around Bangkok, such as that rooftop bar in Sukhumvit, or that cocktail place in Silom. So, this offers a lot of options for people in the city.

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