Bomb From World War II Discovered in South London

The bomb found on Monday was one of the unexploded ones from the World War II and was retrieved from a construction site in South London. Residents who are situated within a quarter mile of the construction site are instructed to evacuate the following day in order for authorities to remove the bomb safely.

According to a Metropolitan police in London, the construction site was located at the district of Bermondsey and it weighs a half ton while the length is around five feet.

After the bomb was discovered on Monday, residents evacuated and were allowed to return in the afternoon. Police are also going through every door and giving notices that they must leave the premises 8 o’clock the next day because experts bomb disposal from the Army are going to remove the bomb in the area.

Zander Gibson, Chief Superintendent of Southwark, expressed how the Southwark Council and other agencies are working on keeping the disruption at a minimum but failed to do so because of the nature of the incident.

Estimation by the Southwark government reveals that around 1,200 properties were affected the whole day. It was around 9 in the morning when the bomb was discovered and firefighters and officers immediately flocked to the site to respond.

A tweet from the LFB or London Fire Brigade informs citizens of the closing of the roads around the area. The displace residents were also encouraged by LFB to inquire from authorities regarding their shelter.

Though the London Fire Brigade admitted that the incident is not something that happens on a daily basis, they were not surprised with the discovery since most of these bombs are found where there is an ongoing construction in the area.

London Fire Brigade also revealed through a Twitter post that since five years ago they were able to respond to seven reports of unexploded bombs recovery and five cases of hand grenades were also handled by the group.

A spokesman from the LFB confirmed that during the World War II, London was bombed heavily resulting in leftovers bombs and grenades.

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