Bottle Of Scottish Whiskey Recovered From A 1941 Shipwreck For Auction

Many casual whiskey drinkers choose their glass based on aesthetics which should not be the case. The fact is carefully chosen cool whiskey glasses will make the drinking experience more memorable. The flavor must first be perceived by the nose before it is tasted by the palate.

A bottle of Scottish whiskey was recovered from the wreck of S.S. Politician that sank off the coast of Outer Hebrides in Scotland in 1941. The bottle of whiskey was put up for auction but unfortunately The Grand Whisky Auction that is conducting the sale announced that the amber-hued spirit is unsafe for human consumption.

When the Politician ran aground a sandbar near the island of Eriskay, it was carrying 264,000 bottles of whiskey and an array of goods that included cotton and biscuits. The ship was bound for Jamaica and New Orleans.

When the locals learned that a ship has sunk, they launched a series of unauthorized salvage operations. This started a cat and mouse game between the government authorities and individuals who are after the precious liquid cargo. The unauthorized salvage operations were justified under the rules of salvage even if authorities considered their actions are looting.

According to George Mair of Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, the wreck was discovered by commercial diver George Currie and his team in 1987 when they were working on a subsea cable repair project. From the wreck, they found a sliver of 28,000 cases of whiskey. Currie said that he kept one bottle out of the 5 bottles that they found during the underwater expedition.

Currie told the Daily Record that his family and friends knew the story of the bottle’s origin. Aside from the bottle of whiskey, a diving helmet, and bricks from the cargo ship were also auctioned. It was predicted that the items will be sold for a hefty amount of about $20,000.

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