Bouquets Are Out, Puppies Are In

Flowers are considered a staple in a wedding celebration but this newlywed decided that they are over it and gave out puppies instead. The newlyweds are Matt and Sarah Crain and after their wedding story went viral online, many other couples decided to use pup bouquets instead of the usual flowers. This is now considered a new trend in weddings.

One of the couples who followed the trend is Kathryn Dombrowski and Brad Zeimer. Kathryn is a volunteer at their local animal rescue called Secondhand Hounds and she has always been passionate when it comes to helping rescue animals. Brad, on the other hand, is smitten with man’s best friend, the dogs.

When they were planning for their wedding, it was only fitting that there should be puppies included in the ceremony.

Kathryn was the one who contacted their photographer, Alycia Faye, who is also a Puppy Party Coordinator at the local rescue where she is working. They planned the inclusion of the puppies on their wedding day together with the executive director of Secondhand Hounds.

They have decided to include 13 parties to be a part of their wedding photos and use the opportunity to bring awareness to people that they should adopt puppies who are looking for new homes instead of purchasing dogs in thriving pet shops.

On their wedding day, the wedding party was surprised when they were given puppies instead of the usual flower bouquet for them to hold during the pictorial of wedding photos. Alicia shared that all of them are so excited.

Kathryn shared that all of them are expecting to have their photos taken in the usual manner but were surprised after seeing 13 pit bull puppies waiting for them.

The bridal party was so smitten with the puppies and there were a lot kisses. Alycia shared how the idea of the puppies is the best wedding surprise and it is also a good thing that they did not have a hard time taking the photographs with the puppies.

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