Can Detoxes And Cleanses Help A Person Stay Healthy?

New Zealanders want to be in good shape for summer that is why they are willing to spend up to $99 daily on detox programs. According to experts, detox programs like charcoal lemonade tonic, fruit and vegetable-based juices and raw organic salad have little evidence that they actually work. The human body has a liver that takes care of detoxifying the body from toxins.

Elaine Rush, an AUT professor of nutrition said that some detox programs are expensive and ineffective because they can upset the body’s delicate microbiome – microorganisms that contribute to the maintenance of physical and mental health including brain function. A one day or 2-day diet of juices and plants cannot fix anything except burn a hole in the pocket. A life-long way to be healthy needs a variety of wholesome foods in the right quantities every day.

According to Professor Mike Berridge of Malaghan Institute, there is no scientific evidence that supports detox diets and juice cleanses. Many diets do not consider the biological consequences of a fad diet and lifestyle issues that certainly contribute to the escalation of chronic health problems. People should avoid carbohydrates with added sugars like sugary drinks, concentrated fruit-based juices and starchy processed foods.

On the other hand, vendors of detoxes and cleanses say that they play an important part in keeping people healthy. Megan May, the co-owner of Little Bird that sells one, three and five-day organic juice cleanses, says that a juice detox could provide the digestive system some rest from constant work. Diets can make people feel good about themselves and they are encouraged to continue being healthy.

The main goal of cleanses is to allow the body to rest and to help people return to a healthier routine. According to Rick Tangney, a co-owner of a Kiwi company, they have not made claims that the ingredients in the juices can remove toxins. The 3-day juice diet is advertised as the start to a clean eating program.

Phuket Cleanse offers holistic methods of detoxification with highly effective cleaning formulas that include herb-based drinks, dietary supplements made from natural ingredients, hydrating coconut juice, vegetable broths, yoga and fitness exercises.


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