Cedar Rapids Resident Sets Up Security Cameras After Shooting Incident

Fourteen year old Robert Humbles was surrendered by a relative last Wednesday. Humbles was then detained under a first-degree murder offense.

Even if the villain is now arrested, a neighbor of the 15-year old victim of a shooting incident still thinks they need increased security in the area. He had security cameras Installed in his house in Cedar Rapids the next day of the shooting.

Charles Andresen-Reed resides on 16th Street SE. He found crime scene ribbon around his house on Sunday which meant the crime happened nearby.

The incident lead Andersen-Reed to do a proactive move. He installed security camera units outside his home; one which covers 16th street and another which watches the entrance to his house. He had a total of four sets. He hoped one would picture Redmond Park clearly. The park was where the shooting incident took place.

Andresen-Read stated that he needed to do something because if they would not begin, nothing will change. The high pressure in the area won’t allow him to just sit around and do nothing.

He spent around $600-$700 for the security video system. The system contains an audiovisual recorder. The set up allows him to keep a month’s worth of video footages around his house.

He made sure the cameras reach wider vicinity because some of his neighbors might not be able to afford security investment. He wanted his neighbors to also benefit from it.

Though, he wants each block to have at least one house with an outdoor video surveillance. He already started asking others if they are interested.

While he was talking about the installed cameras, a passer-by praised him for the initiative. The passer-by said that he was glad Andersen-Reed made an effort.

Andersen-Reed said he also had concerns with vandalism on the past years which included 4 ruined windows. However, the vandalism incidents didn’t make him think it’s worth investing for a video system. Having a neighbor shot just outside his house changed his mind.

He is hoping that other residents from Wellington Heights will also invest in a system which will prevent future offenses.

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