CEWA Initiative And Signal Booster Brings Better Mobile Connectivity

Cellular phone signal problems at St. Maria Goretti’s Catholic School in Redcliffe, have been solved thanks to an initiative by the Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) organization. The initiative brought in mobile cell reception into the school using a number of improvements, including a Signal Booster akin to a Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G Signal Booster, which will greatly help the school.

The initiative, entitled the LEADING Lights Initiative, is a digital transformation initiative done by the CEWA, which is aimed at increasing the access of students’ across Western Australia. The increased access to various forms of technology in order to aid with their learning.

St. Maria Goretti’s Catholic in Redcliffer, were having experiencing problems with mobile phone coverage, which is strange, as the school is located in close proximity to one of Perth’s city center. The issue was a longstanding one for the school’s staff.

Principal Martin Barrett, says that the issue with connectivity has been a notable, and long issue for the staff, saying that, despite having been in the school for over four years, they’ve never had mobile coverage, with teachers and staff forced to walk around the school’s parking lot for a good signal whenever they needed.

Mr. Barrett added that, with the school expanding to a double-steam class structure, access to basic connectivity was more important now than ever.

The solution came with contact with workers from CEWA’s LEADING Lights Initiative, which Principal Barrett had heard of thanks to their work with the Dampier Peninsula’s Christ the King School, where the initiative’s team brought reliable access to the school via installing a 4G Smart Antannae.

With help from the LEADING Lights’ Digital Transformation team, St. Maria Goretti was able to receive support from Project Manager Chuck Van Oosbree, with a Telstra team. The team surveyed the school, and came to the helpful conclusion that the Signal Booster, despite not being a more powerful model like the Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G Signal Booster, was functioning properly.

The issue was that the school’s metal frame created a ‘Faraday Cage’, turning it into a space that blocks electromagnetic fields, such as mobile and wireless network signals.

Principal Barrett says that it’s good to know that LEADING Lights initiative was listening to the needs of schools across WA.

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