City Of The Dead May Have Shipping Container Houses Soon

One of the most booming industries is logistics which covers container transport in Perth but this could be very soon a big part of Cairo’s City of the Dead. In a proposal submitted by a team of architects, they plan to make micro homes using shipping containers. These homes are referred to as Sheltainers which will be used by people who are residing in the cemeteries of Cairo.

The proposal is the most recent winner of the WAFX Ethics and Value category during the World Architecture Festival. Through Sheltainer, the shipping containers will be given a new purpose. This is where could live instead of being branded as informal settlers since they were born and raised in the cemeteries around the city.

The City of the Dead in Cairo which is also known as El’arafa stretches four miles. It is a graveyard that is located in the southeastern part of the capital of Egypt. Out of the total 19.5 million population of Cairo, around 500,000 to 1 million are living in the tombs where they create makeshift houses.

The team of architects thought that the housing crisis should not go on any longer since they consider it as their moral duty and in line with their profession.

The architects revealed that the makeshift houses of the informal settlers are made using only light scrap materials such as metal, wood, plastic and fabric. These houses are not safe and pose a risk to their lives. Through the knowledge they have and the manpower coming from the residents, they are hoping to re-purpose old shipping containers to become houses for these people. They believe that no proper human should be allowed to live with metal corrugated sheets as their roof.

The Sheltainer project is referred to by the architects as micro-housing which aims to answer the problem with regards to poverty. It will have eight homes with a central courtyard in the center along with a tower. This same concept can be followed by companies that handle container transport in Perth instead of throwing away old shipping containers in the landfill.

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