Computer Issues Disrupted Flights Of British Airways

When a personal computer encounters problem, it can be easily repaired by a professional repair company such as geeks to you in Perth but when the IT department of an airline company encounters problem with their computers then it is another story. This is what happened in the biggest airport in Europe, Heathrow in London. The IT department of the British Airways was put to the test when their operation was disrupted last month.

According to the company’s tweet on the night of the incident, the airline had to deal with a number of disruptions from their usual flights because of the problems stemming from the IT system of the British Airways.

The company did their best in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The company also issued an apology along with the explanation because they understand that they caused inconvenience to the travel plans of the customers. During the entire ordeal, three flights under the British Airways have been affected by delay. These are flights from London going to Dublin.

This incident was not the first time that the company suffered problems because of issues with their IT systems. Last year an incident also occurred wherein their computer system had a huge failure which was due to a problem with the power supply in a facility near Heathrow. As a result, 75,000 passengers were affected especially since it happened during a busy time which is coincidentally a holiday weekend.

Days before the IT system problem, Heathrow Airport also suffered a separate problem because of the activation of the fire alarm which prompted everyone to evacuate for a time. According to an airport representative, there were a number of flights that were delayed because of the incident. The management thereafter released a public apology to those that were affected.

Incidents such as this show only the importance of an operational computer system because many passengers will be affected. Unlike a single computer which can be fixed by the likes of geeks to you in Perth, these incidents cause a domino effect that could impact the company and the airport operation as a whole.

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