Damaged Buildings In Limetree Bay Assumed To Contain Asbestos

After an emergency situation like a hurricane, safe asbestos removal in Sydney participates in recovery efforts to protect the public from the risks of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a material that was widely used in insulations, flooring and ceiling tiles until it was banned due to its toxic properties. Proper asbestos removal is usually required in damaged buildings so that the fibres will not be released into the air.

Last September, Hurricane Maria battered St, Croix. One of the sites that sustained slight damages was the former HOVENSA oil refinery. In the memo written by Nate Werner, VP of Operations, it is very likely that some of the damaged buildings contained asbestos. Limetree Bay has to assume that asbestos is present in the insulations even if it has not yet been confirmed by testing.

Limetree Bay Terminals warned its workers about the extent of asbestos that strayed in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Access to the areas suspected to have asbestos has been restricted. Insulations are kept damp while the removal and disposal operations are ongoing. According to EPA, asbestos materials must be kept wet to prevent the fibres from being airborne. It also makes cleanup easier.

According to the regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), if asbestos removal and management operations are carried out on a certain site, employees must be formally notified including employers who are in the site or near the work area. Proper advice is required on the presence, location and quantity of materials containing asbestos so that both employers and employees are aware of the risks.

The oil refinery is not the only site that has asbestos materials on St. Croix. The former Alcoa building has portions that have been damaged by Hurricane Maria. The area has also been subjected to EPA warnings regarding the presence of asbestos.

If you suspect that there are asbestos materials in your home, call safe asbestos removal in Sydney immediately for safe removal and disposal. There are stringent regulations set by EPA as well as local authorities in the safe management of asbestos materials to prevent it from becoming a health hazard.

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