Department For Education Buying More Furniture For Schools In £60m Deal

The UK’s Department for Education (DfE), has finalised a £60m deal for the funding of the acquisition of additional school furniture by schools. The department has released a list of firms where schools in the UK can buy school furniture from over the next four years.

The DfE published a notice on the matter early in March, which alerts potential bidders about their plans to produce a framework agreement, designed for the supplying, installation and delivery of furniture and fittings for schools.

The framework, the notice reports, will be available for the schools in Britain, covering primary to further education, as well as special education. The notice also added that the framework will be aimed primarily at centrally-funded free schools, as well as priority school building programme capital projects, though it also reiterated that all schools are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the agreement.

The report details that the framework will be active for 48 months, with an estimated value of £40-60 million.

The notice also noted how the DfE looked for three to five suppliers from which schools can buy school furniture from, and listed down the kind of furniture they needed. It also noted the department’s plans for the following months, including a market engagement event on April, which will then be followed by the publishing of a formal tender in May, via the Official Journal of the European Union.

Framework agreements are contracts with pre-agreed terms and conditions that allow schools to acquire works, good, or services without having go to go through the hassle of a buying process. The DfE states that its much faster and convenient for a school to buy school furniture from a framework rather than going through bids or quotes, as the framework handles the tender process, quality checking, as well as regulatory and legislative requirements.

The DfE also added that each agreement also includes details of the products and services that can be acquired, as well as the agreed price range, on top of purchasing instructions, information on the suppliers, and, of course, the pre-defined and agreed upon terms and conditions.

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