Dispute In Royal Hobart Construction Led To Firing Of 20 Plumbers

The management in charge of the construction of the Royal Hobart Hospital may have to hire the plumbing services in Newcastle as 20 of their contractual plumbers have been fired. According to the statement released by the union representing the plumbers, 20 workers have been fired from their position without even being given proper notice. This is after the contractual dispute broke between the workers and the managers. The project is now tagged as a being prone to troubles and problems.

John Holland, the lead contractor from the Fairbrother firm, said that they have already begun the investigation regarding the issue.

Ben Moloney, the project director of Royal Hobart Hospital, said that the construction site’s plumbing subcontractor which is AMS Hydraulics have already decided to stop providing labourers for Royal Hobart Hospital.

According to him, the RHH redevelopment project is hoping that the agreement with the subcontractor will be honoured fair and square by the two parties. They also wanted to make sure that the laws governing the two countries, Tasmania and Australia, will be followed properly as they conduct the necessary commercial negotiations.

He added that the matter should be solved immediately by John Holland of Fairbrother. Based on the accusations hurled by the Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union, the plumbers were hired to become pawns.

Michael Anderson, the state secretary of the union, said that due to the workers, the project is already delayed from its completion schedule. He said that they are sad to see the workers have been fired. It is their belief that the workers did nothing wrong and they should not be utilized in order to leverage the ongoing contractual dispute.

He also admitted that they are already far behind the original completion date of the project. This is not good news and they might need to help of plumbing services in Newcastle in order fill in the workers since the legal resolution will take many weeks before it can be completed. It was September of last year when around 120 plasterers working on the constructions site also decided to quit work because they have not be paid by two months.

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