DUI Fatalities Decrease Due To Smartphone Apps

You can ask any DUI lawyer and he will tell you that DUI is one of the most serious problems all over the world. Based on statistics, at least one person is killed every 50 minutes because of drunk driving. This means a total of more than 10,000 lives lost every year.

The good news is US Department of Transportation has reported that drunk-driving fatalities have decreased by one third over the last 30 years. The reasons include the substantial increase of information on the dangers of drunk-driving and the popularity of smart phones including the ease of calling for ride-sharing.

A $10 million revolutionary project that is called Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety from Tech Company QinetiQ North America hopes to make roads safer all over the world. DADSS is on-board system that can detect alcohol on a person’s breathe before he turns on the car. According to project leader Bud Zaouk, DADSS can sense alcohol and it will prevent the driver from starting the car. The driver must pass the 2-step sobriety test before he can operate the vehicle.

Ridesharing apps are not exactly new. People have used the app since 2009 when it was introduced by Uber. By using the ride-sharing app, it became more affordable and convenient for people who have taken one drink too many to go home safely. Aside from Lyft and Uber, many ride-sharing apps have been introduced to make the roads safe from drunk drivers. According to studies, drunk-driving fatalities were reduced by as much as 5.6% due to the ride-sharing apps.

Smartphone apps have also helped in reducing drunk-driving incidents. There are apps that can be downloaded on the phone to turn it into a breathalyzer. There are also apps that can help calculate blood alcohol concentration to determine whether it is safe to drive.

There are many serious consequences of drunk-driving like jail time, losing the driver’s license, fines and permanent record. These consequences can be avoided by hiring an experienced DUI lawyer who knows the applicable DUI laws within a certain jurisdiction. The lawyer is in a better position to present the case in the best manner that will reduce the penalty or sentence.


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