Effective Safety Tips For New Bike Riders

Buying a new motorcycle is an overwhelming experience. There are many decisions to make, right from choosing the best model and brand of the bike to buy, choosing a reputed dealer, arranging finance options and completing the paperwork.  Most of the new bikers are relieved once they complete the formalities and receive their new bike.

However, many first time bikers are nervous to ride their new Honda motorcycles for the first time. They are confused with the overkill of information and advice on how to ride the bike safely. Here are some simple steps to help first time bikers to help them have a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

  • Training is an essential aspect before riding the motorcycle. Enrol for a training course to hone your driving skills. Many of the dealerships selling new Honda motorcycles, offer Honda approved training courses to their customers. These course teach both basic and advanced driving skills. Riders who complete the course also receive an insurance discount.
  • Wearing proper safety and riding gear is essential for the safety of the riders. Helmets protect the riders from head injuries and help to keep them safe. Invest in a good quality helmet that is lightweight and strong. Proper riding gear is also important to stay protected from the elements, winds, dust and flying debris on the road. Reputed Honda dealerships which sell new Honda motorcycles and certified pre-owned motorcycles stock high quality safety and riding gear.
  • New bikers should practice safe and defensive riding. They should look where they want to go and learn to avoid the obstacles. They should not use mobile phones or other gadgets while driving.  They should pay attention to the road and drive safely, keeping safe distance from other vehicles and always having an escape route.
  • Regular maintenance is very important to keep your new Honda motorcycles in top performing condition. Regularly wash and wax the bike to maintain the shine of its exteriors. The exterior paint tends to faint when exposed to harsh sunlight and other elements, keep the motorcycle safely covered always. Never skip the regular service schedules of the motorcycles. Inspect the different parts of the bike regularly and consult a trained and skilled mechanic for repair or replacement of worn-out parts.

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