Energy Australia Supports Wind And Solar Energy After Price Hike In Electricity

Policymakers are now called to attention by Energy Australia in their support for the solid blueprint proposed by the Finkel energy review. The company said that they will continue to spend more of their finds into energy sources such as wind and solar after the announcement that there are households and businesses in NSW as well as South Australia that will be affected by the increase in charges as high as $1000 annually due to gas and power. Many residences and businesses are now turning to Gold Coast solar panel systems in order to save more in the end.

A customer of the company that operates a small business in NSW will be spending 19.9 per cent more or about $915 every year for their electricity and the gas will increase by 10.7 per cent which results to $1042 within a year starting the 1st of July. Price increase will also affect residential customers of the company and will pay an extra 20 per cent when it comes to electricity which means an additional $320 annually and price increase in gas is about 6.6 per cent which equals to $49.40 every year.

Customers in SA are also spending more for power with the 19.0 per cent increase which means their residential bill will have an additional $390 while that of a small business will have an increase of about $967. Gas costs in small businesses increased by 13.3 per cent meaning an additional $936 annually. Small businesses in Queensland, on the other hand, will pay an additional 13.3 per cent for power or equal to $559.

The power increase started to rise in Sydney back in 2011 with 39 per cent and Adelaide was 37 per cent while Brisbane suffered the most with 53 per cent. This is because of the state government’s decision to combine power companies in order to increase their influence in the market.

Due to the continued increase in the charges for electricity and gas, there are now many Gold Coast solar panel systems installed for businesses and households. This is also the reason why Energy Australia continued to support the Finkel review on wind and solar projects.

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