Enerpac Develops A Hose Disconnector For Cleaner Wind Power

Enerpac, one of the world’s most notable hydraulics, connector tools and flexible connector for sale, has recently revealed their newest product.

The new product which will be sold alongside their flexible connector for sale, a hose disconnector, is designed to promote even  greener wind power, via preventing the release of polluting hydraulic cylinder fluid into bodies of water during the installation on transition piece installation on wind farms. This new product, notably, even allows for the full recovery of all the equipment connected to it, allowing for even more environment friendliness.

Hydraulic cylinders are a key piece in the installation of the transition pieces on the monopile of windmills. Up to six of them are used for holding the transition piece in position during the grouting process, which have to remained pressurized via hydraulic manifold throughout the whole process, as well as the following curing time afterwards, which can take up to days, even weeks past the transition process. At the end of it all, the cylinders and hoses that were used for the process will have to be recovered, which lead to the issue that this new product seeks to counter.

Before the product, cutters were used to cut the hose in order to depressurise the cylinders in the windmill, which tends to release hydraulic fluids into the area, usually the sea. The new Enerpac Remote Hose Disconnector allow for the cylinders and hoses in the windmill to be depressurized and safely recovered without releasing hydraulic oil polluting the environment, whilst simultaneously cutting down on costs, due to the removal of hose cutting tools and associated materials.

The product functions via being directly fitted onto each individual fixation cylinder. The product is comprised of two, non-interchangeable, hose connections. The first one ensure that oil flows to the fixation cylinder its connected, whilst the second one is the one that actually operates the disconnectors.

After the curing of the grouting, an Enerpac pump is connected via the same product via a second set of hoses. This will recover all the hydraulic oil, and ensure that none spill out into the environment. The residual oil in cylinders are sealed in order to ensure that they don’t make contact with the sea, creating a fully sustainable method.

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