English Teachers In Thailand Continue To Protest

According to experts, it would be impossible for the students to be better than their teachers when it comes to the quality of teaching. The question now is what will Thailand do after the fact that many of their educators are continuing to protest regarding the current requirements for English related tests?

A few hundreds of future teachers have been protesting to the Office of Higher Education Commission or OHEC with regards to the current requirement that have set for the category Teachers for their Hometowns. In order to become one, an educator must have a minimum score of 400 of the overall 990 test questions during the TOEIC or Test of English for International Communication. The TOEIC is only one of the many tests that belong in the standardized English system.

Many are not able to cope with the tests along thus they require tutoring services such as Smart1-business.com/TOEIC. The Office of the Higher Education Commission has clarified that candidate who is not willing to take the TOEIC have other options such as taking the IELTS or TOEFL or other forms of competency tests in the English language that are recognized internationally. The same benchmark will be used as of the TOEIC meaning that in the case of TOEFL, one should be able to get a score 40 or higher.

Despite the fact that the set requirement is not 50 per cent of the overall test score, many future educators are still complaining that the target score is quite high for them to reach.

The scheme called Teachers for their Hometown aims to encourage education students that are on their graduation year to sing up as educators in the local schools found in their respective hometowns.

Students who are qualified under the said scheme have been planning to start a protest in order to sway the Office of the Higher Education to lower target score to 250 instead of the 400.

Many are complaining because they have failed the TOEIC tests a number of times while there are those that hired the services of Smart1-business.com/TOEIC in order to help them in their endeavor to becoming a local teacher in their community. The General Secretary of OHEC has already clarified that the requirement will not be changed.

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