Facilities Of An International School In Bangkok

International schools are known for their high standards of education as well as their modern campus facilities that enhance the quality of education and well-being of the students. These facilities are often capitalized as attractions to get more enrolees each year.

The facilities of an international school in Bangkok are safe and custom-made with the latest technology embedded in each curriculum at any level. Despite the modernization trend nowadays, an international school in Bangkok still maintains its community atmosphere where the students can enjoy and feel a sense of belongingness and camaraderie. The physical structure of the school is carefully planned and constructed to bring a visual appeal as well as give wide spaces for the students to play, work, and socialize with other students.

Grounds – to provide maximum security to the students, the campus is gated and fenced. The students can enjoy the recreation areas which include huge spaces for sports activities as well as fantastic gardens that are well-maintained to boost the ambiance of the school. The grounds are impressively designed and are surrounded by trees to bring in a natural feel of the environment.

Classrooms – international school classrooms are built with interactive whiteboards and data projectors that are linked to the computers to the school internet and intranet.

School Library – it has a wide collection of fiction and non-fiction books as well as modern computer facilities. It is a place designed for students to have a quiet place to study and do their research.

Sports Amenities – most international schools are equipped with modern sports facilities such as air-conditioned gymnasiums with basketball courts, a multi-purpose hall designed for all-weather activities, a huge swimming pool, and a quadrangle arena among the few amenities.

Performing Arts Building – this is a place where workshops, dramas, and other presentations are held for the public and students.

Canteen – a well-equipped and sanitary cafeteria is available for students to buy food and a place to eat their meals.

There are still many other amenities that are available in an international school. All these are provided for the benefit of the students which are also included in the cost that the parents are paying.

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