First Dental Implant Using Robot Performed In Arkansas

For some people, dental implants is not just for cosmetic improvements but a necessary option because they have developed sore spots and poor ridges due to dentures. Partial dentures often compromise the health of remaining natural teeth because of the dental bridge that is used to support the denture. However, the biggest problem is finding affordable dental implants in Easton with high quality.

Arkansas Oral & Facial Surgery Center is the first in Arkansas that used a robot to insert a dental implant. Dental robot Yumi was used by Dr. Scotty Bolding, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to insert a dental implant last April 2. Yomi was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for dental surgery. The center is one of the 25 globally recognized dental centers that use robots that were developed by Miami-based Neocis Inc.

According to Dr. Bolding, they were chosen as a select group of pioneers in the area of dental robotics. By using technology of dental robotics, a dental implant can be precisely placed to transform the quality of patient care. The $150,000 robot, Yumi was received by the center last March and it was used to insert dental implants on 25 patients.

Bolding compared the benefits of using dental robot Yumi to the autopilot that is being used by the aviation industry. The dental robot provides surgeons with a guide to prevent mistakes during the surgical procedure like drilling too deep. The dental robot has the capability to reach areas that are difficult for human hands. However, the robot does not work autonomously; it is still controlled by the dental surgeon.

At present, the dental robot is only used to insert implants but it can also be used for jaw surgeries and general dentistry in the future. Dental implant procedure using Yumionly takes 15 minutes with 30 minutes to one hour of preparation.

There are dentists who never stop learning about new techniques and technology to make dental implants in Easton more affordable to patients. More education and training makes the dentists more efficient in handling the dental procedure and this translates to lower costs that are passed on to patients.

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