Flat Tyres Is The Main Culprit In Call-Outs During Car Breakdown

Last year, there are about 180,000 AA call-outs because motorist with modern cars don’t have the proper spare wheel and majority of drivers do not know how to replace tyres.

In 2016 alone, there are around 200,000 car breakdowns in the road of United Kingdom. The main reason is that proper spare wheels are not available for standard kit that should come with new cars. Another reason is that there are now a number of dangerous potholes that can be found all over the roads in UK.

According to a record released by AA, they have received a total of 3.63 million last year. This increased from 3.45 million in 2015. The breakdown service provider revealed that the main reason for these calls is because new cars mostly don’t have spare wheels and the manufacturer have replaced with either a run-flat tyres or bottle of tyre sealant.

In 2016, the RAC together with the AA answered almost 180,000 calls because motorists are having flat tyres but they have no spare on hand. The fact is that one third of new cars in the market nowadays do not come with spare when bought. The reason for this is that car makers are aiming to save space as well as weight on the vehicle. According to Edmund King, the president of AA, new cars should have an option for spares if not a mandatory thing. This will help motorists in times where they are stranded with a flat tyre.

Punctures in tyres are now common because of the bad roads that they are currently treading in the UK. United Kingdom is currently having an issue with pothole repairs because of a backlog worth 14 years. Add the fact that local councils located all over Wales and England has dropped their repairs by 19 per cent.

According to a survey with 25,000 participant drivers, 39 per cent of them have experience punctured tyre because of pothole on the road. In Australia, drivers can easily purchase new tyres from tyre shops in Brisbane in case of tyre damage.

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