Food Industry In The United Kingdom Shaken Up By Looming Brexit

What will Brexit mean for the entire food industry? This is the question of top food manufacturers in UK including famous restaurateurs like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan as there are many uncertainties leading to the final exit. As the clock ticks closer to March 29, 2019, United Kingdom is going to become officially independent with no association with the European Union. While there are those excited for the change, there are also those that are not sure especially those in the food and beverage sector.

This is why everyone is looking forward for the Food Brexit 2018 event in order to know what will happen once the UK eventually leaves EU. Is there really a cause for concern for many in terms of food supply? What will happen to Dover once the trade is no longer in place? Are there going to be some changes in the food practices as well as standards governing the sector in United Kingdom? Or will crops be left to waste away as no migrants will be there to harvest them in time?

This coming November 1, the Food Brexit 2018 is going to be held at the QEII Centre located in London. As expected, the event is to welcome more than 150 major food businesses, legislators, authorities and academics. This is the time to continue the discussion that was started during a similar event that was held the previous year. New Food, an independent international resource, is the one behind the organization of the event. The conference will provide a platform that will answer all the pressing questions related to the industry as well as to create responses to questions that are in agreement with the entire industry.

During the event, one of the speakers is the professor of Food Policy who is currently working at the City University London, Tim Lang. In attendance, restaurateurs like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan are also expected in order for them to be aware of the changes that might occur in the restaurant scene. According to Lang, while there are uncertainties, they are aware that they should consider all the possibilities and disruptions that could occur in the industry as an aftereffect of the Brexit.

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