Former Advisor To The Māori King Calls Out Office

A lot of children in rural Waikato turn to a local gang in order to get their school lunch, a sign of how hard it is for most of them to get by. Meanwhile, their king’s office is fitted with the finest office chairs in Auckland and New Zealand, on top of the additional spending by the office on things like perfumes, beauty treatments and clothes.

A former advisor to the Māori King, Tukoroirangi Morgan, fires allegations at King Tuheitia’s office, managed by Rangi Whakaruru, regarding the excessive or superfluous spending by the office. Currently, Whakaruru, the Chief of Staff and adviser to the king, is the central figure in a Serious Fraud Office Investigation.

Back in July, the king’s office in Ngāruawāhia, the SFO searched through the furniture, which included office chairs in Auckland, regarding a separate investigation into the Ururangi Trust firm, the company responsible for managing the office of the king.  Ururangi receives $1.7 million a year from Waikato-Tainui”s Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust, its parent trust.

On top of all of that, Morgan called doubt regarding the king’s ability and methods of communication, calling it embarrassing and claiming that the, not-so-credible king did not care for his people.

In the letter he addressed to the King, Morgan points out how much money Whakaruru was spending, and compared that with the state of the common people. He openly asked in the latter how Rangi can justify his $250,000 salary, his $100,000 SUV and the fact that all his expenses were reimbursed by the office, when some of the tribal people could not even give their children kai to take to their school.

Part of his letter said that he would continue the movement for the Kīngitanga, but his support for the King is now a thing of the past, saying that he once believed that the Maori Nation in New Zealand could be united, but with Rangi Whakaruru in power, that simply would not happen.

The media then turned to Sir Wira Gardiner, the King’s current Communication Adviser, who responded with a pre-prepared statement, saying that the SFO is currently investigating the King’s office, and, until they report their findings, the office won’t be making comments on such matters.

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