Former Escort Advocates For Banning Prostitution

Kat Lee used to be a sex worker and according to her she has been in bed with over a million men who are willing to pay for an hourly service of £140. Now she is saying that she supports the banning of prostitution because the work made her lonely and it took a toll on her health. Many of those who are working in escort service in Sydney might not be happy after hearing this argument but she cautioned as she has been in the business since she was still a teenager.

Lee shared that she started out as a sex worker along with her twin sister when they were recruited by a photographer. She said that as an escort, she calls her service as outcall which means she prefers to meet her clients where they wanted to and she does not allow them to go to her place or a hotel.

She is now 32 years old and has been working as an escort for 15 years. She has since left the industry in order to pursue volunteering in charity works and to work as a bartender. Lee wanted to warn other people who are in the escort service business because of the stigma it brought to her life that even after she has decided to quit her chances of getting decent work was negatively affected because of what she used to do.

Lee shared that in a span of 15 years, she might have seen more than a million clients. She also loved the attention because she received a lot of lavish gifts such as an Audi convertible and she was also sent to trips in other cities like Paris and Milan.

She was always careful but she found herself in a dangerous situation wherein a man put drugs in her drink. She also risked her health because she always drinks before meeting a client and it even came to a point where she has to be hospitalized. She said that some of those who work in escort service in Sydney might have felt the loneliness she has felt because the industry could be quite competitive.

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