Free Wi-Fi Key To Booking Hotels

Free Wi-Fi is the main deciding factor a tourist books a hotel room located in Thailand, based from a survey conducted by HL Group and Expedia.

The numbers from the Hotel Etiquette Poll

The Hotel Etiquette Poll has found out that 66% of its 1,027 survey respondents indicated complimentary Wi-Fi as the main deciding factor when booking a hotel room. This was followed closely by price at 64%. Location at 54% and the room rate with breakfast at 53% were the third and fourth reasons respectively.

Among the minimally important factors included adults-only restrictions at 10%, pet friendliness at 12%, adjoining rooms at 14% and hotel brand at 18%.

The survey, conducted last August, found out that 97% perceived that Wi-Fi must be free.

It was also known that most of the respondents, or 52%, mentioned that they do not like to pay for Wi-Fi especially when this is not provided by their booked hotel. Twenty-seven percent also believed that the Wi-Fi has to cost only 300 baht per day.

In terms of hotel amenities and services, Wi-Fi also remained as the top factor at 95% when a tourist books a hotel room. This was also followed by the capability to control a room’s temperature at 93% and 90% for in-room fridge.

In reality, there were only a couple of items not regarded as important. These were a spa at the hotel’s premises at 46% and also pet friendliness at 32%.

Forty-four percent asked to switch rooms. The common reason was air conditioning at 76%.

Forty-nine percent of used towels more than once.

One in every 4 adults hoarded toiletries, and two percent have brought home some other items.

The survey also found out that most people stay at hotels during the past couple of years for leisure (44%), 52% for leisure and business, and 4% for business only.


Although surely a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit or a luxury hotel in Siam offers Wi-Fi, not every other hotel in Bangkok and other cities do so. The information from this survey must be considered by business operator in the hospitality industry.


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