Funeral Services Charges Families With $100 For Carbon Tax

Ed Cannon found out that he had to pay $100 in addition to the cost of cremating his 93 year old mother. Terry McLeod also found the same the bill when her 78 year old mother died. These two Alberta residents were slapped with a $100 bill as carbon tax for having a relative cremated, days after the tax was introduced by the city.

The Cannon and McLeod families complained to the Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services, Ltd which was located outside of Calgary. According to McLeod, the funeral services said that the total amount of natural gas used during her mother’s cremation can create 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide which estimated to equal the amount of natural gas that will be used to heat an average home for a year. This was the reason why she was charged a carbon tax of $100.

Cremation generally costs between $1,500 and $2,700. The carbon tax that is supposed to be charged for cremation should equal, on average, less than $1 but not more than $4. According to the funeral home owner Diann Rowat, the price was quite high because aside from carbon tax on cremation, the funeral vehicles also used gas. A day later Rowat said that her accountants made a mistake and the amount was off by a decimal point meaning that the carbon tax that should be charged is only $10.09. The excess amount paid by the families was refunded with an apology from the funeral home.

According to Alberta Trade and Economic Development Minister Deron Bilous, the funeral home has charged the grieving family with an inaccurate and high fee which is disappointing. The carbon levy that started January 1, will be charged to all types of fuels that release greenhouse gas emissions to achieve the goal of minimizing emissions in the environment.

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