Georgia Team Building Company Fundraising For Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is recognized by several organisations in the US as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and one of the many team building companies in Georgia offered self-defence classes fitting Family Services for the people of Forsyth County.

The company, Armored Team Building, utilizes KravMaga as part of their team building and employee improvement system. According to the company website, the goal of generating heightened executive presence, leadership, as well as team-building skills in employees, building upon the foundations of self-defense as the core of the platform.

The company is headed by its two founders, performance enhancement specialists Connie Chesner and Travis Cook. The two met when Chesner attended Cook’s free women’s self-defense seminars. It was there that she started her love affair with KravMaga, with training six days a week and attending all of Chesner’s classes.

Chesner says that she made Cook teach even though she was the only student. She admits that that was a tough time for her; working through some terrible things, and KravMaga helped her work through all of it.

Chesner says that KravMaga made her feel empowered, which she needed following her prior abusive and violent relationship. She says that, looking at her, it wasn’t obvious, but, and that people got good at hiding it. Even other ladies in fairly high-powered positions, admit to the same, and Chesner says that there’s a lot of domestic violence happening in plain sight.

Following her training, she applied her experience in communication and market research and partnered with Cook, a student of martial arts for 23 years, in order to found Armored Team Building. The company stands out from the other team building companies in the country by being fully mobile, with onsite work reaching 28 states within driving range.

The company has served such big companies in the US like Coca-Cola, BB&T, Wells Fargo, Volvo and the like, as well as non-profit organisations like Community In Schools, a high school dropout prevention programme.

Both her and Cook have been working to give to communities, raising funds through their workshops for anti-human trafficking efforts, and domestic violence awareness.

Which is why they held a workshop for the Family Services of Forsyth County, held at Oct. 20 from 10a at the Fitness 2000 Gym and Wellness Center.

She says that the company works via a three-part process that every self-defence follows, standard for all forms across the board, it is addressing the danger, violently counterattack, then evacuate the danger zone. Cook says that this three-part process is easier to remember in high-stress and detrimental situations, and that it teaches self-reliance, which bring with it empowerment and confidence, things that people need in order to work their best.

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