Gold Coast Reopens Post Cyclone Debbie

Cyclone Debbie’s record breaking conditions battered the northern reaches of New South Wales and Queensland recently, leaving behind mayhem in its wake. Regions affected have only recently reopened and began recovery efforts in the aftermath of the storm, with homeowners and professionals, particularly Gold Coast electricians striving to fix the devastation.

In the Northern regions of New South Wales, the reality is becoming crystal clear, with many residents realizing they have lost most, if not outright all of their belongings.

One long-time resident, by the name of Gilbert Pearce, aged 58, lamented how most of his house’s contents have been ruined by the cyclone, barring the bed, TV and fridge. Other locals report that their appliances have been taken away if not ruined by the flooding, with some egregious news of some people losing their houses to the flooding.

Volunteers have been working on providing aid to the region, particularly in the cities of Chinderah, Tumbulgum, and Murwillumbah. Some locals have already managed to get started on recovery efforts, but, in certain areas, water levels are still too high to do anything. The government has already sent officials to assess the damage.

Meanwhile, Gold Coast electricians will be very busy in the following months, with over 1100 properties, both businesses and homes, remain cut off from power, with broken power lines littering the streets in some areas. Springbrook has suffered the most disconnections, with around 427 homes still without power. Additionally, he areas of Lower Beechmont, Luscombe, Tallebudgera Valley, and Currumbin Waters, all report numerous outages, reported to be totalling somewhere in the 500 range.

The roadways of the area have suffered just as badly, with Tallebudgera Creek Road, and Currumbin Road remaining unusable for the time being. On the other hand, damage to Pine Creek Road has been mostly fixed, allowing Springbrook locals a way out of their down, with the road having been reopened at the morning of April 2.

Local area warnings, particularly for the Logan Albert River area, are in still retained, with flooding from the river still taking hold over certain locations. Certain beaches in the Gold Coast area have been reopened, with others following suit. Local government has advised caution to anyone in these locations.

Rescue operations, as well as infrastructure repairs have been underway since the departure of Cyclone Debbie, and recovery efforts are well underway.

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