Gold, The Biggest Temptation

Gold Coast – A man was mugged while driving along the coast after he was tailgated by a black Ford Focus. Three men with knives threatened him and demanded his wallet. One of the men then grabbed his chain from his neck, leaving a minor cut, and his gold watch. They fled the scene via the same car they came in. The robbery victim, however, managed to get a photo of the car that they used and this picture is currently being shared across the area. Police are asking people to report any sightings of the car.

Bronx, New York – Two men are wanted by the police for armed robbery. Based on the reports, cash of $80, two gold chains, a watch, a cell phone, and a debit card was stolen from a man when these two suspects held a man. The man was robbed from behind. The suspects were described to be standing five-feet-nine-inches tall. One was Hispanic, wearing gray sweat suit and black sneakers. The second one was wearing a mask over his head but was wearing a black sweat suit and black gloves. The police are also searching for the suspects and are urging the public to report it to the authorities if they see the suspects.

Similar stories in news reports. Common police reports would show that one of the most common crimes that are being committed is robbery and theft. These crimes are mostly considered petty however, it can also turn deadly once there are casualties that are results of the robbery. When suspects are interviewed, they cite different reasons but the most recognizable excuse that they give is that they do need the money and that drives them to steal what isn’t theirs. The people who come from banks and ATM are frequently stolen from because they see that they have the cash and money that they need. Additionally, jewelry and luxurious watches (like designer watches such as black and gold watch for men), gold chains, and other precious gems are also temptations to these criminals. It’s a lesson then for everyone to take good care of themselves and their belongings especially when they’re alone and about around the world.

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