Good Samaritan Electrician Helped Elderly Couple

An electrician from Wigan has been receiving praise after doing a good deed for an elderly couple who can’t afford to pay for their new heaters. Karl Mather decided to help the unnamed couple who are in their couple who are facing Christmas last year without a heater because it broke down unexpectedly.

Karl is the owner of KDM Electrical and he was contacted by Age Concern to hire him so that the heating system of the pensioner couple may be fixed. He went to check only to find out that the storage heater is already three decades old and cannot be repaired anymore.

Karl is a resident of Goose Green and he shared that the heating system was already beyond repair. Aside from the fact that the equipment is discoloured, it was not working properly.

After finding out that the entire system has to be replaced, Karl asked for a grant for the elderly couple. He found out that they might be waiting for quite a while.

He shared that they might have to wait for at least two to three months before the grant is approved. He cannot bear to leave them to bear with the cold weather. He added that old people should not be left alone without a heating system.

The 36 years old Good Samaritan then decided to do what he thinks the best is for the couple to make sure that they will not be suffering in the cold during the entire winter season.

He bought a portable heater for them while they are waiting for the grant from the Age Concern to arrive. Unfortunately, it did not come and Karl decided to buy a new storage heater for the couple worth £250.

A few days after, he went back to the house of the elderly couple in order to fit the new storage heater but then another challenge came up – it was clear that they do not have any money and the husband have symptoms of having dementia. That’s when he decided to just write off the amount as a Christmas gift to them. All good deeds are not overlooked and this reached NICEIC hoping that more people such as electricians in Wakerley would do the same for those in need.

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