Harvard Graduate Links Social Mission With Jewellery E-Commerce Business

A Harvard Business School graduate has just recently launched a New York jewellery e-commerce business, with a special purpose.

Proud Limpongpan, a graduate from HBS who travelled to England at the age of 13 year old for her education.  When she appeared at an event in Bangkok sometime on the last week of April, wherein she acted as panellist for a presentation attended around 200 young Thais for the Harvard’s Master of Business Administration programme.

She stated that she considered herself lucky to have managed to move abroad so she could be educated as a young age. She managed to complete her education, getting her MBA at HBS at 2015. Following her graduation, a private equity firm that invested in numerous consumer brands, including jewellery, employed her. It was there, that her interest in the jewellery of the country, such as the process of making a diamond ring in Thailand.

It was then she noticed that a considerable number of international jewellery brands were made in the country, but that fact goes unrecognized; with a lot generally not placing value on the fact that Thailand produced these products.

Proud places a high-level value on that fact, and hopes that the world will also recognize that fact, and people can appreciate the Thai jewellery made with skills passed down across generations.

To that end, she launched Cerimani, her online jewellery business in New York a couple of weeks ago. She decided to work with communities to support poor villages across Thailand, starting in the Mae Hong Son province, the area of Thailand suffering from the lowest living standard. She states that she wants to return to the makers of Thailand.

Her company website is clearly designed to appeal to the recent trend of concern about the world, with people paying attention to issues such as income inequality, political violence and human-rights abuses.

She states that her business is not just to make her a profit, but also to act as a platform for positive change for her country. She states that she has a passion to return for the working Thai jewellers, showing appreciation for the quality of a diamond ring in Thailand.

According to the company site, every US $50 spent by Cerimani customers provides clean water for a year for a person. 

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