Hello Kitty By Sanrio In Ice Cream Cakes

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a children’s animated television series that is broadcasted internationally. It followed the earlier My Little Pony that gained overwhelming success.

Hello Kitty is another iconic cartoon character that you will soon find in exclusive ice cream cakes. It is expected to be a big hit because children including adults simply love friendly cartoon characters.

Sanrio is the brand behind Hello Kitty. It is teaming up with Rich Products Corporation for a Hello Kitty ice cream cake. The cake is created because Hello Kitty still has a good following among little girls and teenagers. The Hello Kitty character can be found in different product lines and has brought a lot of happiness to many people.

Hello Kitty is a cartoon character that was created in 1974 but little did the creators realize that it will rake in $7 billion a year. In North America, the cartoon character earns $1 billion in annual sales. 87% of young girls claim that Hello Kitty is their favorite character. Hello Kitty has a loyal audience and it has generated an emotional connection in more than one generation.

Courtney Erickson who is the Associate Marketing Manager of Customer Shopper Marketing, In-store Bakery & Deli Division wants the input of children in the creation of ice cream cakes. It is important to listen to the opinions of children to determine whether they want a fun shape that is appealing and attention getting. The cake can be served for any occasion because it has that rich vanilla taste with colorful party sprinkles.

The Sanrio brand is also partnering with AC Milan to create an exclusive clothing brand. It will be an exclusive co-branding project that includes a sports clothing line and accessories for female fans. Surprisingly, the focus of the clothing brand is not only teenage girls who have an obvious fondness for Hello Kitty but female fans of all ages. Hello Kitty is a strong brand and it is expected that the exclusive clothing line will be phenomenal just like the ice cream cakes.

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