Here’s What You Should Do Before You Get A Real Estate Agent

Thailand – March 26, 2016 – Real estate agents are very helpful and through their help, you may be able to navigate the rough waters of the real estate industry much easier. However, as efficient as they are, you shouldn’t just rely on your real estate agent to do everything for you. Before you call in a real estate agent, make sure you have planned effectively and have considered all what needs to be considered especially when it comes to your finances. It is important that you are well-prepared before you enter into the real estate industry.

Here’s what you should do before you get a real estate agent.

  1. Consider Mortgage. Before you hire a real estate agent, it would do you well to know more about the mortgage options that are available to you. First get pre-qualified for mortgage and after that, get pre-approved. There is a difference between getting pre-qualification and pre-approval. Both of these processes involve assessing your income, assets and your debts but it is pre-approval that involves a mortgage application.
  2. Research the Market. Once you get pre-approved for mortgage, you would be able to determine the price range of the homes you are qualified for. Make sure to effectively research and study the market whether you are buying or selling. Also, make sure that you don’t fall in love with any properties because chances are, these properties would have already been sold before you are able to buy them.
  3. House Cleaning & Improvement. No, you don’t have to drive away bad spirits from your house. What you should drive away however, are your house’s clutter. Make sure that before you meet with your real estate agent, your house is fully cleaned. It would also do you well, to improve your house and make the necessary replacements for areas that require one. Cleaning and improvement should also include the exterior of your house as well as your lawn.
  4. Find the Right Agent. You shouldn’t just go for the first real estate agent you can find. Real estate Pattaya is a very complex industry and you would need to find an agent who is capable and reliable enough to guide you through the journey.
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