High End Luxurious Condominium Project In A Laid Back Area By The Lake

Lake Conroe, a pretty laid back place in Houston is going to get an upgrade through a condominium project that is designed for wealthy Houstonians. The longtime developer who was responsible for the condominium project thought that some of wealthy individuals may want a first or second home on the laid-back environment of Lake Conroe.

Real estate in Lake Monroe was kept from falling during the economic downturn due to the demand for lower priced properties. Danny Barrett of Coldwell Banker Lake Conroe office is asking how the condominium project will be received by area buyers. It will mostly likely be a tough sell because price range has been pretty slow and sluggish in today’s economy.

Over the last 12 months that ended October, sales of real estate in the Lake Conroe area have fallen by at least 3% compared to previous years. This is based on the data provided by Houston Association of Realtors. The average price of the 1,524 homes that were sold was $285,405, unchanged from the past year.

Nobody ever had the idea of developing a product of this scope in on the lake. The Shoreline is a 5-story building that will consist of 56 units outfitted with luxurious touches that you will only find in upscale urban towers. Each unit will include designer appliances, quartz countertops and custom cabinetry not to mention the view of the lake and two resort-style swimming pools. The 56 units will have downtown prices at about half a million dollars each.

The high end market is quite cold but the amenities provided in the condominium can attract buyers. Of course, the view will be great with a marina and some retail stores around it. Jim Winkler of Winkler Development is positive that the pent-up demand for high end luxury product in a laid back environment with a good view will help sell the condo units.

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