Higher Level Of Security Demanded by Liveaboards In Juneau

In the recent Harbor Liveaboard Community Meeting, there were over 30 individuals who came in order for them to discuss different pressing issues. One of the problems they talked about pertains to a single subject, crime, and took them almost an hour to discuss. Crime is a common problem in the marina which is one of the factors that were dealt by Thailand liveaboard to ensure the safety of their guests.

Robert Barr, the Public Libraries Director of the city and borough of Juneau along with Ken Colon, the Police Department Officer in Juneau, were the moderators during the presentation as well as the actual discussion. They analysed possible solutions that can be utilized including gates surrounding the harbour, forming a committee that will be in charge of neighbourhood watch and security cameras.

Colon emphasized one important thing during the meeting, that the problem will be solved faster if there is better communication between the owners of the boats.

Colon said that it is essential for the owners to come together because they will not be able to accomplish anything if they act on their own. Solving the problem as a group is important.

During the start of the summer, Docks &Harbors also conducted meetings to discuss the same pressing matters. They wanted to talk with the boaters and resolve the problem that requires the most attention and they were also hoping to get feedbacks from them.

Last June, the very first liveaboard meeting was conducted and this is when the topic of crime was raised to be the highest concern for these boat owners. During that meeting, a poll was made to determine the issue which they think requires the highest priority. Crime got a total of 26 votes. The number of votes is twice compared to sewage regulation problem which is the second most pressing issue.

A presentation was made by Colon to highlights the basic prevention method they can do to prevent the occurrence of crimes. Tourists that are planning to go for Thailand liveaboard will be comforted to know that these issues have already been addressed in the most visited country in Asia.

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