Hilton Hotels Pushing Deeper Into Southeast Asia

Hilton Hotels is looking to set up a new contender for best new hotel in Sukhumvit, and other places, as the company is looking to further push into the Asia-Pacific region.

Hilton Vice-President of Operations, Paul Hutton, says that the Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia regions are a key market for growth for the company, and will continue to do so, according to what the company sees. Hutton says that, the regions remain a key market for the company thanks to the market growing thanks to rising urbanisation and the growth of a middle class across the region who are looking to travel.

He says that, with the company’s strategy to fill gaps in the hospitality industry, the opportunities the region is presenting is clear and abundant to Hilton hotels, and that there is a lot of potential for growth for the company’s brand across the region.

This is the reasoning, he says, as to why Hilton introduced the first Canopy by Hilton hotel in the region back in 2017, which they managed to realize thanks to a landmark portfolio deal, which amounted to ten properties, six in Sri Lanka, and then four in Vietnam.

The hospitality industry currently sees a bit of under-supply problem, in markets across the region, like Myanmar and Vietnam, which is why Hilton sees a lot of potential in bringing in their brands in the region, particularly by bringing in new brands to bring new different segments of travellers, as part of their desire to meet their guests lodging and accommodation needs.

Thailand, in particular, has been a key market for the company, and Hutton says that it will continue to do so, with a forecasted increase of 6% in tourism numbers in 2018, following 2017’s record setting 35.38 million arrivals, which amounted to about half of Thailand’s total population.

Hutton says that with the country being such a ripe field of opportunity, Hilton is excited to bring in the ultra-luxe Waldork Astoria brand to the country’s capital, an high-class contender for best new hotel in Sukhumvit, to be operational by the third quarter of 2018, the brand’s debut in the Southeast Asia region.

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