Home Alarm Systems Are Not Designed For The Rich Alone

The cases of burglaries in Australia every year is alarming therefore, homeowners are subscribing to alarm monitoring in Perth in order to protect their properties and their loved ones. There is quite a misconception to some who thinks that home alarm systems can only be afforded by the rich when in fact there are many options in the market available depending on what you need and the budget you have. There are even installation companies that offer installment plans for their home security system in order to help lessen the burden.

According to an expert in home security, burglars do not choose their victims either they are rich or middle class people. As long as they see an opportunity to strike, they will surely take it without considering anything. Even if you think that your neighborhood is the safest place on earth, having a home alarm system is still important.

One of the biggest advantages of having a home alarm system is that once burglars know you have one installed in your home, they tend to stay away for fear of getting caught. In a recent survey conducted by the University of North Carolina, 83 per cent of convicted burglars admitted that they check for alarms before trying to loot a house while 60 per cent admitted that they stay away from properties with alarms.

According to Electronic Security Association’s executive director, Merlin Guilbeau, gone are the days when only a chosen few can afford a home alarm system. More than a decade ago, the prices are too high for regular homeowners because the options are very limited but this is no longer applicable nowadays with the wide variety of options available in the market.

There are also advantages on the financial side because insurance companies tend to charge lower premiums if the house is known to have a home security system installed. This is one of the many reasons why alarm monitoring in Perth has seen an increase in demand among homeowners regardless of the financial status they are in. They can always look for a payment setup that is financially convenient for them.

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