Hot Spots For Pests In Sydney

Humans are not the only ones trying to get a spot at the trendiest suburbs located in Sydney. There are a number of vermin that wan to secure their space as well. In a data report published by The Sunday Telegraph, the hot spots for pests in New South Wales were identified. These creepy pests are found to be partial to the high-end suburbs and the reason why they are on top of the list.

The data showed that New South Wales happens to be the capital of the city when it comes to pest infiltration. Redfern has undergone renovation and improvement in the last few years in order to increase the average price of houses. The price increased by 63 per cent or an average of $1.39 million as a result of the gentrification but that does not change the fact that they are still invaded by bed bugs.

The area with the highest cases of bedbugs goes to Redfern while bees are overwhelming in Castle Hill. The area that requires flea control in Sydney is Quakers Hills and Parramatta has the highest number of cockroaches. Rodents are having the time of their life at Penrith as they continue to rise in number and spiders are more common at Glenmore Park than you can imagine. Properties in Cherrybrook are in danger of termite attacks because of the number of invasions recorded while Cecil Hills are watching out for wasp nests in their homes. If you are afraid of snakes then it is not the best time to buy a property at the Back Forest.

Killmore Pest Management’s director, Reuben Valencia, said that the data gathered regarding pests in the inner-city suburbs does not surprise him. He explained that infestations are quite common in apartment buildings and 80 per cent of their clients are living in rented properties. The overpopulation of pests happens when they decide not to call a professional because they worry about the cost. They try to eliminate them with baits found in local stores but fail in the end causing more pests to thrive.

Quakers Hill is already calling for flea control in Sydney along with other places including Hurtsville, Lake Heights, Baulkham Hills and St. Marys. The vermin are common during warm months and pests are quite active during this time of the year.

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