How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Search Engines

For many active online users, the possibility of artificial intelligence (AI) assisted search engines is something they can expect for the future but the truth is, the technology has been in existence for quite some time in the form of Rank Brain. Rank Brain has already existed even before the hype for artificial intelligence.

It is without doubt that AI is an important part of search engines but the technology can still be improved. However, before delving on how artificial intelligence can improve search engines, it is important to understand how RankBrain works. RankBrain was released in 2015 as a working part of Google algorithm that produces search results whenever a user sends an inquiry.

RankBrain is an algorithm that can be found within Google’s search algorithm called Hummingbird. The search algorithm is designed to handle a larger portion of the searches that an average user sends. If you will compare Hummingbird to a clock, the algorithm is the biggest gears to ensure the functionality of the clock.

While Hummingbird handles the more typical searches, RankBrain manages the uncommon, unrefined and difficult to interpret search queries. RankBrain can accomplish the process by learning from the previous unrefined search patterns and the user’s purpose for searching the particular term. In short, RankBrain is similar to SEO that seeks to improve the user’s experience by providing information that is relevant to the search terms.

Meanwhile, like all types of technology, there is much room for improvement to enhance the way that technology is applied. Improvements will be very critical once artificial intelligence is integrated fully in search queries. In fact, AI is the technology that will definitely become a part of daily life in the future. In terms of SEO, more accurate results will be delivered through devices.

The goal of is to help websites achieve a high ranking to secure more leads and customers. SEO services are performed based on strategies that were designed to generate long term results. However, SEO can take time to see results. You have to be in for the long haul so that you will enjoy the benefits that will be delivered by an effective SEO technique.

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