How Denis Obrien Sees Haiti As A Tourist Destination

If you want to visit Haiti in the most efficient way, you need to contact a Haitian travel agency or tour operator to make your travel organized while experiencing fun and excitement in this gorgeous island. This is how Denis Obrien feels about the country. It may need more development especially with the devastating earthquake in 2010 that killed thousands of lives and destroyed several houses and buildings.

Haiti was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. He discovered the country during his expedition to India. The capital of Haiti, which is Port-au-Prince, is a busy and chaotic city, maybe because it’s overpopulated. Before Columbus landed into this city, he found out that Indians did not dwell in it, as it was frequented by friendly and hostile neighbors.

Denis Obrien just loves the representation of hospitality here. Port-au-Prince is just like other Caribbean capitals. The city’s main attraction is the Cathedral of Santa Maria, where Christopher Columbus was buried. To see a collection of paintings, you can go to the Haitian Museum of Art in St. Pierre College. If you’re looking for national souvenirs and traditional folk art, you should come to the National Museum. The colonial architecture of Haiti makes it attractive for international and local tourists, and you can hear African music played on the streets and squares of the capital.

You can also head on to the nicest beaches and beach areas in Haiti at the north of Port-au-Prince and the northwest of Cape Haitian. Coral reefs surround the shores where you also find the ships loaded with colonial goods to Spain, France and Holland sank between the 17th to the 19th centuries. At the coast of La Gonaives is a charming rock wall covered with rare black corals.

You’ll also find brilliant shops, clubs and restaurants at the Petionville City, on the hills of southeast Port-au-Prince, where it caters to Haiti’s affluents. You can spend your weekend here just enjoying the really cool place. You also find the best local art galleries that sell fine Haitian art. There’s also the exquisite restaurants of the country offering delectable French cuisines.

These are few of the best places in Haiti and one of the reasons why Denis Obrien loves it. In fact, he has initiated some of his businesses here like the Digicel, a mobile company and foundation.

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