How Fraudulent Clinics With Little Oversight Profit From Addiction

As it turns out Malibu luxury rehab centers and other rehabilitation facilities are the city’s second largest industry, showing a growing awareness for treatment for addition. While getting help in overcoming addiction could be one of the most transformative steps in improving one’s life, but some centers exploit addiction in some unimaginable ways.

Insurance Money

Whether an individual wants to check in at a Malibu luxury rehab or a more affordable one, one thing that many individuals consider in getting treatment is whether their insurance covers this type of rehabilitation or not. However, some clinics are taking advantage of this with the use of patient recruiters and fraudulent treatment facilities, and drug testing clinics.

Lack of Oversight

California is home to around 1,117 licensed rehabilitation centers, but this does not include the thousands of unlicensed sober living homes in the area. Sober living homes are facilities for recovering individuals transitioning from their stay at a supervised environment such as a rehab facility to a more independent one.

However, the problem is that these unlicensed facilities work under the radar, earning money for their services without significantly improving their patient’s lives. It becomes a cycle of checking in, getting some kind of treatment, getting out, only to get back into addiction because they were not able to successfully get rid of it. The authorities claim that the lack of regulation makes the systems ineffective, affecting the reputation of rehabilitation as a whole.

How Easy Is It

As it turns out, almost anyone can open their own rehab-related business in the area, even without a degree or training. While some clinics are run by licensed medical practitioners, some are run by ex-convicts who get their certificates from rehab management classes during their stay in prison.

Oversight has been extremely difficult as well, with only 16 inspectors responsible in monitoring up to 2,000 facilities in California. Privacy laws has also made it difficult for potential patients to get details regarding the performance of a rehab center. Official assessments are only on paper and are only available in Sacramento. On average, a licensed rehabilitation center sees up to one death every two weeks due to several circumstances, but this detail is kept under wraps. This makes it more difficult for patients to see find trustworthy clinics, and for centers to be held more accountable.



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