How Much To Pay For Crofts Boiler Installation And Repair?

It can be expensive when you install or replace a boiler. Boiler providers have their quotes varying in prices and features. Therefore, you need to know what to expect when contacting a reputable boiler technician. In this article, you’ll be guided as to how much boiler installation and replacement may cost, so you don’t get surprised with what you pay. Besides, you need a reliable serviceman, like those from Crofts, to do this job for you to ensure safety. But before you invest in a boiler, ensure you have a reliable brand.

Boiler Installation Costs

The prices for boiler installation can vary tremendously, depending on how much work is needed, the availability of the parts, your location and the individual you’re hiring for the task. In the boiler scrappage program of 2010, owners are permitted to claim cash should they have deficient boilers to assist in paying for a new boiler. However, energy companies are charging more than a third than independent traders.

Replacing an Existing Boiler in the Same Position as the Previous One

The Crofts company can have the old boiler removed and replaced with a new one. Here you’ll expect to pay around £540 – £660. An old heating system may need a mechanical flush which should cost about £510. Chemicals are flushed through the pipes using an external pump to clean the heating system. This procedure is expected to lengthen the lifespan of the new boiler.

Having the Boiler Installed in a Different Location While Upgrading a Heating System

This job will entail a complicated plumbing work such as the addition of a condensed drain and sending out the flue. The cost for this service is around £1,140 to £1,440. Here the system is chemically flushed including the heating system with cleaning chemicals to remove possible debris.

Finding a Reliable Boiler Installer

If you’re finding a reputable boiler installer, trust Crofts as they have all the credibility and experience to handle high quality installation or replacement of your boiler. If you prefer to use their services, find them on the Internet and see how they can install, replace or repair your boiler.

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